Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mutorere Reflection Mahara

Today we have played a indigenous game to new zealand. It is a really cool game and it includes your brain and for you to stradisie. it is cool and today we had a tournament I lost but my friend won the tournament this game is so intense but it is fun. you can play this game at the beach just with some shells and you can draw the frame in the sand then play. 

I like this game because it help you increase your strategies and to get better each time that you play I like I also like this game because you can compete others that also like this game 

rules first the is a board then you get 4 blocks of one color and any other with a different color then you move you can't jump other other players and then the other person goe and it keeps going like that until one play is unable to move and that's how you know what the winner is and you can't start with the ones that are inside the to outside ones

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Red Nose Day Reflection Mahara

Today we participated in the kelly sports event to help support the kids that are in need of it  cure kids foundation is the people that help kids find cures for the disease or the sickness,and if you donate you could save someone's life. And the money the you can donate goes to help with research to help with sickness like asthma and lots more diseases.

We play sports with kelly sports like capture the flag and some other games I hope you can donate to these kids who really need it so you can that you have helped to support this and these kids
you should help us support this kids that need help and scientist
who are trying to find out cures for this sickness and to help them 

Target Writers TUES T4W1 Explanation Craft Template

Today we wrote about explanation about why a elephant would make a good pet
Why an Elephant Would Make a Good Pet

Did you know elephants’ hearts weigh up to 27kg?  That’s a lot of love to give!  That’s why we believe elephants would make a great pet.  If you’re not convinced...keep reading to find out more about why these beautiful creatures would be good for a pet.

The first reason to have an Elephant as a great pet is that they can help give you rides to work.  This means you won’t need to worry about leaving your keys in the car anymore, because you’ll have your Elephant to ride on.  You won’t need to use keys, you can use peanuts to start your Elephant! It also saves money for gas.  If you crash, you won’t have to worry about paying it off.

Did you know Elephants don’t forget about you and how you treat them? If you treat them good then they will love you back.  If you give them love, and kindness, they will have something to love and protect. If you do that your pet elephant would love to live longer. Elephants are loving creatures so when you get older you have someone to turn to.  Your elephant will be there for as long as you live.

The third reason why an elephant would make a great pet is because elephants are herbivores!  This means they don’t eat meat, but instead, they only eat plants.  Some of their favourite plants to eat include:  grass, fruits, leaves, shoots, and bark.  Imagine all the money you could save with a pet that is a herbivore!  You would not need to buy expensive pet meat products.  Your garden would also look beautiful too!

We have given you three fantastic reasons why an elephant would make a great pet.  We recommend you buy an elephant today and start your life long adventure with your special pet.

Friday, 1 September 2017


on thursday this week we have technology we learnt how to make stained glass photos like a goose or a boat but It is a lot of harder then I Thought and there it thing called diamond star. And it helps to make the glass blunt and it is made out of diamond but really small one and the most expensive glass is actively red glass because they put gold in it to make it red and if you get a glass cutter and sliced it down the middle you will see gold there are many thing that you can do in technology but for now we had to just draw our designs to make the glass

Mahara Whakataukī o te wiki T3W6

this week we had to write a whakatauki for the week and it was about to be a good leader the person need to be a good listener as well as a teacher. also we had to write when we might hear this whakatauki and also when we might say it and also when in the future could you say this whakatauki


this week we had to do a reflection task to reflection on the dare session that we had with constable teina. We had to write the defintion of some words like conviction and also solvent. There is also a task that I had to do and it was to sort out the long term effects and the short term effects for the drugs like (P) and some other drugs