Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder - Reflection - Mahara

Image result for wondertoday we watched a movie called wonder at hoyts cinemas I like this movie because this movie includes what it would feel like if you were different from others because wonder has a deformed face and looks different from others . my favorite part in this movie was the part when the boys go into the woods and there is other people in there and then they judge auggies face and then some of the other student that weren't his friend at the start of the movie and then ended up being his friend and helping fight the others. I think that the key messages in this movie is don't judge a book by it's cover meaning don't judge people from the way that they look. Also do not bully other because of the way that they look. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mahara - Mauri Story Reflection

Today we had to write about a our mauri using symbols what we had to do is make a story that will represent our mauri. I did some symbols represent my family, My culture, My school and also a maori legend. this was a fun activity to do because it includes drawing and that's one of my favorite things to do

Friday, 10 November 2017

Te Tuhi Session 2 - Mahara

Today we have gone to Te Tuhi again but this time it was for or turangawaewae a place where we can stand. That just basicly means where you can be yourself. And we had to  do a koru pattern with our whakapapa(family),our culture our home and a story from our culture and it is fun because it test your skills and digs deeper into your culture, and tells you more about it

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mahara's TÅ«rangawaewae A place to stand Lesson 2

today we have answered question about some srtis and we had to answer them and these are some famous artist that were born mostly in new zealand and they are inspired by turangawaewae and there whakapapa

Monday, 6 November 2017

Tuakana Teina day - Mahara

Today it was tuakana teina day. tuakana teina day is all about spending time with the little kids and helping them out. I like tuakana teina day because it just lets you to be able to spend time with the little kids and help them out because in our class, we do not spend much time with them. It is also a time when you can just have time with the little kids and doe art. today we have did candle dripping art

Turangawaewae Mahara

today wee have did a turangawaewae and it is just about where you feel like you can stand out and my turangawaewae is my nana's house thank you for reading and please leave a comment

Thursday, 26 October 2017

How To Play Hei Tama Tu Tama Ra By Mahara

hei tama tu tama:
 hands on hips,both hands up clenched ,left hand up right hand on hip,right hand up left hand on hip

 heitama tut tama ra

 stand up facing a friend with both hands on hips player one says hei tama tu tama then player two say hei tama tu tama and chooses a different action. Then you are ready to start both players say hei tama tu tama while changing actions each time the winner is the first to notice if the both the players are doing the same move then you have to say hei tama tu tama ra

why I like this game 
I like this game because it is a brain teaser and you will have to think fast and faster the the other player because you would want to get the other person out that is why you will have to think fast