Friday, 22 June 2018

Inquire Reflection - Mahara

Today for our first block we had to complete our booklet tasks I was working on my A to Z camp vocabulary what you have to do here is there is a list of letters that go from A to Z and I have to label things that relate to camp, I got 22 out of 26. this task is a fun task I think what this task was trying to get us to do was getting to know the activities set at camp raglan. In this task you are also allowed to add words such as achievement because you can achieve stuff over at camp raglan.

What I learnt today was reflecting on what I did at camp raglan and getting to know all the camp raglan activities. My favorite thing that I did today was getting to find out more about the camp raglan activities.

The Milky Way Reflection - Mahara

this term for inquiry our topic was earth and beyond and we have been studying about  the milky way. we had a few question about the milky one of them was show many stars are there in the milky way. of course scientes can't come up with a exact number so they came up with around 100 billion stars that are in the milky way. because there is about 100 billion solar masses.
This is a cool task for me to do and I am willing to do it again. Thank you for reading

Falling 101 - Mahara

what this lesson was all about tis the way that gravity was made and how we can experience and how gravity is made. did you know that gravity was discovered by aristotle. Did you scientist think that gravity is not a force but. this was so fun becuase we got to find out more about space and gravity and how it is made.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Technology Reflection

This week for Technology I am in hard materials and we are going to make a necklace for a person our yourself and we had to go on google and write silhouette, And then something that represent you or a friend or someone that you are going to give it to. 

My goal for next week is to be able to finish my brain storm and get on to my cutting. what I learn at Technology is to hurry up with my brain storm.

Inquiry Reflection - Mahara

Walt: investigate and search sites for our answers

This term for our inquiries topic is earth and beyond this meaning stars and planets what we did for this week was we had to figure out a creative way to show your learning. we had to choose a topic under our class brainstorm. we chose the milky way. we had to brain store what we already know about the milky way. Then we had to ask question about the milky way. 

Than we had to investigate and search in our classroom books and online sites. But we couldn't just  get our answer from one site so we had to go deeper and search around eight sites to get our answer. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Music - Mahara

Today in music we played some fun games like danger pattern this game is when there are some patterns of music clapped and there is a danger pattern and if you clap it you are out. what I learnt in music was what was rhyme and it is just patterns of music. Something else that I have learned was what the purpose of tempo (Speed) and pitch is for.

something that I have enjoyed. something that I have enjoy in the lesson was being able to identify patterns and sounds on a xylophone and we have to play twinkle twinkle little star, And it was fun. and we also had to memorise it and then add our own twist to it.

what I wish I could do was play guitar because I do not know how to play much of it And I think that it would be a good experience. I also would learn something new.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Writing Goals Term 2 - Mahara

Today what we did was we had to set our goals for this term and we had to accomplish them by the end of this term. we had to think of what we could work on for this term in writing and then that would be our goals for the term I have selected some goals that I personally need to work and then I will try to achieve them by the end of the term. then we had write down who can help us to complete this goal, We also need to write down a growth mindset quote that will help to achieve this goal.
These goals are important to me because its the thing that will help me to get better with my writing, And it is also important to me because I do not use these goals much. This will also help to get better at my skills in writing.