Friday, 23 June 2017

Madave thank you note Mahara

Thank you Madave

Dear madame thank you for letting us come together and showing us how to plant a tree and showing us how to dig a hole. I am here to thank you for the great time and great walk this a awesome day and experience. And I would like to do this again next year. Because this was a exciting but hard experience.but it was hard walking back and hopefully I will see you again next year. And I also hope that we can plant bigger trees and it was a good exercise for our bodies and also our brains

today we had to write about our Madave thank you note this was cool to send a letter of thanks to the people that organised this for us and I would like to thank them for this and it's good to thank the people that worked there self off for us to plant trees

Monday, 19 June 2017

Matariki learing

to day we had to learn about matariki and 2 things that I have lewart about matariki was that the matariki stars can be in different places at different times and they rotate they do not flip and this a way that I remember the stars is that the should always look like a hook and they will always look like that and I also learnt that the subaru means the same in japanese that is why it has the logo of the seven stars 

Mahara's Whakataukī o te wiki T2W8

this week for our whakatauki o te wiki we had to this quote ka kitea a matariki ka rere
te korokoro and it about when it's the right time for a eels to migrate and head to warmer waters and make more eels so they can go to our NZ creeks and streams to feed and then they will go out when its the right time and that is usually when the matariki stars are out

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Technology lesson 3 Mahara

Making mini quiche
Grated cheese,pastry,milk,egg and ham
Cooking tools
Bowl,chopping board,spoon,knife,muffin tray

Today we had to make a mini quiche the first thing that we had to do was get our bowl and chopping board with our knife and then what we had to do was put our milk in and eggs into the bowl to whisk. Than we had to chop our ham into small cubes to fit in our bowl then we had to get our pastry and cheese and our cutter which are shaped to cut cookie dough or pastry once we cut them and placed them into the tray. Fill them with some ham and cheese them some of our milk and egg into the muffin tray to cook for about 20 minutes then we put it into the oven to cook. Once it is golden brown then it should be cooked if it not puffy like ours then it might not be cooked propy this was a cool experience and it was challenging for the brain but it was fun to eat at the end

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Frozen Food Diary Mahara

today we had to write what we would like to eat but it had to be the food that people eat in antarctica and there was no takeaways fast food and they flayed the food in by plane but shipped most the time and did you know that there is over a 2 year supply of food that is stored in the hanger and the walking fridge

Friday, 9 June 2017

Self Management Spelling Mahara T2W6

Today we were doing self management spelling and I was doing hangman and then I have got a grade A for hangman movie heros. twas hard but cool because it took me a couple of weeks to get to that stage and that is my personal best that is the best I ever got. I will try get more in other categories like cartoon characters which is proble going to take me awhile to get. But I will keep on trying to reach the best

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Technology Lesson 2 cooking Mahara

Potato salad and chicken kebabs
Ingredients chicken pieces,potatoes,carrot,mayonnaise,egg
cooking tools
 wooden spoon,knife,drainer,big pot,grater,bowl,peeler.

Today we have been making chicken kebabs and potato salad it was sensational and healthy we had chicken pieces. For our kebab and we had some sort of sauce the first thing we had to do was cut the potatoes so we can make the salad. It was a cool but intense experience there had to be a lot of hard but focused work put into this dish. Then we had to cut up some chicken pieces into chunks then we had to stick them on kebab sticks so the teacher can put sauce on it then. We had to put them in the oven 

Then we had to grate the carrot into a bowl to make our salad. We also had to drain out the water from the potatos. Once we drain them out we had to cool them with cold water. Then we had to peel the boiled egg to put into the bowl with salad. then cut up the egg to put it into our salad and then the potatoes. Then we got the mayonnaise for our salad then mixed. Once the potato salad was ready we plated them.

then the kebab was ready for us to put on our plate to eat. Then we placed them gently on our plate so once we placed them we waited for them to cool down it smelled nice when  it was ready.  we ate it it was nice and it will make you want to eat it. Then we had to clean up our mess that we made and wash the dishes thank you for reading and please leave a comment.