Monday, 19 February 2018

P.E Session Reflection

Today we were split into groups and one group went to softball that the other group went to tennis then we switch what we did was we played was soft ball it was cool but we had to learn how to use a glove to catch the ball. Then I had to bat I just need to learn how to not try to hit the ball when it is over the shoulder. That I also learn was how to bat properly.

What I did well  what I did well was using a glove  properly so that means that I can catch properly. Another thing that I did well was  being able to bat properly. And I even throwing I know how to say someone's name before throwing the ball at them because they can look before they get the ball so that gave time to catch the ball then pass it.

What need to work on next time is maye to think before I pass because I dont no which bass to pass it to then they get home safe. I another thing that I could work on is having fun because I always get bored when I am playing this game. But that is my goal for next time.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Tech lesson 1 Mahara

Today we learnt what we we were going to make and that's a phone stand but that is at the end of the year what we learnt about each other we had to make a poster on google drawings and make a collage of all the stuff we like we had to use avatar maker that was fun and then we had to share it with the teacher.  this technology lesson was fun even though it was just getting to know each other. I think that this lesson was cool because we got to do something that include what we like

Te Tuhi Art Gallery

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Tai Chi Kung Fu - Mahara

Today we had a lesson with Mrs Gordon our instructor with our Kung Fu lesson. The word for the week was responsibility meaning to be trusted. Then he got us to do some hard task like do a 360 spin. and then to choose from hard medium or soft I chose hard and then  he whack us with a noodle however it wasn't sore. It was cool because we learnt new things like the krane stance, the tiger pushing mountain and the protect the heart these are important moves because these could be good if you are stuck and good defence because it is a stance that will protect you. And there was some stances that will help you to meditate and calm down for the lesson our teacher is strict if you do not listen

what is a random act of kindness? a random act of kindness to me means something that you do with some asking you like opening the door for someone, or doing the dishes when your parents ask. The responsibility and how we can use it and also just showing some random acts of kindness. 

I liked this lesson because we learnt stuff that is thousands of years old. And they are some good moves to calm you down I think that it will be hard next week when we do more stuff and harder stuff that what we did this week my goal for next week might be getting to try my best and get the task done. another goal that I got for next week is to listen to our instructor why I chose these goal? I chose these goals because they are my weaknesses and I need to work on them however thank you for reading

Friday, 2 February 2018

Mahara - School Values - Goals

Today we learnt about our school values and what we can do to improve them. What I did was I write down what can help me with my values. And to know the importance of showing them constantly even after school hours. what I did was I had to write what I could do like manaakitanga what can I do to help improve my caring for others I also learnt how important you need to show these school values especially If you want to be a student leader you will have to show these every day

Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder - Reflection - Mahara

Image result for wondertoday we watched a movie called wonder at hoyts cinemas I like this movie because this movie includes what it would feel like if you were different from others because wonder has a deformed face and looks different from others . my favorite part in this movie was the part when the boys go into the woods and there is other people in there and then they judge auggies face and then some of the other student that weren't his friend at the start of the movie and then ended up being his friend and helping fight the others. I think that the key messages in this movie is don't judge a book by it's cover meaning don't judge people from the way that they look. Also do not bully other because of the way that they look. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mahara - Mauri Story Reflection

Today we had to write about a our mauri using symbols what we had to do is make a story that will represent our mauri. I did some symbols represent my family, My culture, My school and also a maori legend. this was a fun activity to do because it includes drawing and that's one of my favorite things to do